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A plumbing system might not be the first thing you consider about your commercial property. After all, the visitors are intrigued more by the snazzy-looking exterior lighting, attractive wallpapers, and quality flooring,

While the appearance of your commercial property matters, customers today have gotten smarter. Besides the ambiance, they look at what lies beneath the surface. Are the building’s bathrooms functional? Can they access hot water?

Such factors undeniably affect your business reputation. Being a business, Iron City Plumbing Specialists understands the importance of customer satisfaction.

For this reason, we offer reliable commercial plumbing solutions to make your building’s bathrooms and kitchens more practical. From fixing annoying leaks to repairing the sewer system and unclogging the toilets to replacing water heaters, we have you covered!

Commercial Plumbing Facts

Maintaining a property is crucial if you’re the manager or the owner of the building. Typically, commercial spaces require careful planning and knowledge of drain and pipe systems. Given the complexity of commercial plumbing systems, they’re best left to professionals.

Here are a few other interesting facts about commercial plumbing systems.

  • Commercial plumbing includes services in offices, malls, multi-purpose buildings, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, warehouses, and more.
  • Handling commercial plumbing systems is far more complex than residential spaces. That’s primarily because commercial buildings often have numerous floors with several kitchens and toilets.
  • The pipe material significantly affects the quality of plumbing. Galvanized steel, plastic, and copper are popular pipe materials. Generally, experts recommend copper pipes because they last longer than steel and plastic ones.
  • You must hire a plumber versed in commercial plumbing systems to have them handle the job with precision.

Commercial Sewer Repair & Replacement

Your sewer line is an integral part of the plumbing system because it carries wastewater from the building. Nonetheless, it is susceptible to damage from underground water, tree roots, and shifting soil.

A broken line can cause water damage, and in the worst-case scenario, mix the clean and wastewater. Only a commercial plumber can inspect the problem and help you with repairs or replacements.

Here are common problems associated with the sewer system.

  • Blocks. Clogs occur when you flush a foreign item down the toilet. Make sure you never throw wipes, diapers, or hair in the toilet because they risk a potential clog.
  • Corroded pipes. Corroded pipes can wear the sewer line, leading to leaks. A professional plumber may re-pipe the sewer line to eliminate the problem.
  • Tree root pressure. Tree roots spread under the ground, searching for moisture. This results in them coming close to your sewer line. Over time, they can collapse and break the pipes.


Re-piping involves replacing the old, worn-out pipes of your commercial building with new ones.

Not only does it prevent leaks, but it also improves water pressure throughout the building. Since it’s an extensive process, you must consult a plumbing professional.

Generally speaking, you might need re-piping if:

  • Your building is 50 years old. Properties built 50 years ago feature galvanized steel that likely corrodes within 50 years. This means it’s time to consider repiping the building.
  • The water is contaminated. If you notice brown or red particles in the water, it signifies pipe corrosion. Rust buildup in pipes also reduces water pressure and plummets water quality. You must consider re-piping to keep yourself and your employees from waterborne illnesses.
  • You encounter recurring leaks. It is normal to encounter leaks on occasion. However, if the leak keeps returning even after you invest money in repairs, it indicates an underlying problem. This means the old pipes can no longer endure the water pressure and require replacements.

Drain Clogs and Toilet Clogs in Commercial Businesses

Drain and toilet clogs can be a serious problem. A blocked drain reduces the water that can travel down the pipe. Contrarily, a clogged toilet keeps you from flushing waste, leading to an unpleasant smell around your property.

Drains clog due to hair, soap, and limescale buildup. Toilet blocks may occur due to the following reasons.

  • You have an old low-flow toilet installed in your bathroom.
  • People use too much toilet paper (and flush it down the toilet).
  • There’s a problem with the toilet vent.
  • The sewer line is blocked.

Fortunately, a reliable commercial plumbing repair service can fix all the problems. A plumber may use a plunger or professional-grade equipment to unclog the toilet and restore its functionality.

Commercial Water Heater Repair & Installation

Discolored water, weird sounds from the water heater, and temperature fluctuations indicate a problem. It creates a serious hassle for the visitors because they cannot access hot water.

You must hire a commercial plumber to let them locate the problem and fix it before you encounter complaints. A minor problem can be fixed with a quick repair. However, a severely damaged water heater may require a replacement. You can pick from the following water heater types.

  • Tankless water heaters. These devices heat the water as needed. This means they’re more energy-efficient and cost-effective.
  • Storage water heaters. They’re conventional water heaters that feature a large tank. Storage water heaters are either powered by gas or electricity. They require regular maintenance to keep them up and running.
  • Solar water heaters. They use solar panels to heat the water, which means they are low cost. Manufacturers also design systems for use in colder regions.
  • Heat pump water heaters. They work by transferring heat from the air outside the building to the water in the tank. Since they require less electricity to run the system, they’re an affordable option.

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Commercial buildings are subject to heavy traffic regularly. The more people use the kitchen and bathrooms, the more quickly they wear out. This means regular maintenance and repairs are a must to keep your building’s plumbing system functional.

Iron City Plumbing Specialists understands the importance of efficient plumbing systems because they improve the water pressure around the building and provide comfort to visitors.

Our workers offer numerous commercial plumbing services, from fixing your faulty water heaters to unclogging the toilets. Our skilled contractors stay on top of the latest plumbing systems and best practices for upgrades.

We’re ready to implement the newest techniques to make your commercial building more practical.

Our professionals reach the site within minutes of your request. We thoroughly inspect the building to discover hidden plumbing problems and offer effective solutions to overcome them.

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You won’t stumble upon unexpected costs after hiring us. We keep clients in the loop concerning our rates, procedures, and our timelines. This helps us build a healthy relationship with our customers. Contact us if you have a commercial plumbing problem, and we’ll gladly assist you with one of our high-quality plumbing services.

Professional Commercial Plumbing Services in Pittsburgh

Do you own or manage a commercial building that has a complicated plumbing system? Many commercial property designers go through various planning and execution stages before designing the plumbing systems for a building. This is because, unlike residential Pittsburgh properties, a commercial building has more water usage and high maintenance standards.

Besides, having a broken plumbing system is the last thing you may want in your commercial property. It not only affects you but also has an impact on the people using the property.

For instance, a broken pipe may wreak havoc if you run a hospital, causing leaks and water wastage all over the building. This may also deprive the patients of water for some time.

Therefore, having your plumbing system intact is a necessity. Make sure you keep it perfect with the help of Iron City Plumbing Specialists. We match you with experienced Pittsburgh commercial plumbers who know their work and can easily handle all the complexities of any advanced or outdated plumbing system.

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Pittsburgh Commercial plumbing- How is it different from residential plumbing?

Isn’t plumbing supposed to be the same for all sorts of buildings? While the basics are similar, certain rules regarding plumbing may change due to the system’s complexities and overall water use.

For instance, commercial plumbing is more sophisticated and extensive work. This is especially true if the property is a high-rise building with multiple floors. This is because, in large buildings, gravitational forces greatly impact the water running through pipes and affect other fixtures, tanks, and drains.

The scope of plumbing work for commercial buildings also tends to be bigger than for residential properties. In addition, some buildings have interconnected plumbing systems, fire systems, and specialized piping that is easier to maintain and manage with an experienced commercial plumber.

The plumbing repairs for commercial Pittsburgh properties are also comparatively more expensive than residential repairs. Therefore, the budgets required for such work are often extensive.

Lastly, since many businesses depend on plumbing systems in commercial properties, the regulations to maintain them are pretty robust. For instance, health and safety regulation is a prominent one.

Commercial sewer repair and replacement

A sewer line is the core of any plumbing system. It can help your building run smoothly without causing any health concerns.

However, sewer lines often break, causing various systems such as toilets, showers, and sinks to lose functionality. Moreover, a broken sewer line can increase the risk of wastewater entering your building, leaving your commercial property at a high risk of health hazards.

There are many reasons that cause sewer damage. For instance,

  • Drain build-up caused by accumulated hair, toilet paper, and grease can cause damage to sewer pipes.
  • Tree roots often lead to intrusions in pipes, damaging the joints and holes.
  • Improperly installed clay pipes damage easily.
  • Building settling or shifting can also cause damage to sewer pipes.
  • Improper fittings can also lead to damaged pipes.

Repair and replacement

The most effective way to deal with sewer lines is by repairing them on time. Many plumbers use advanced technology to find the damaged area and take action accordingly within time. This not only saves money but also secures the health of many lives.

However, if the damage is extensive, replacement is the only option. Although replacing a pipe is more expensive than its repair, it is the only solution in some situations.


This involves replacing the broken pipes in your commercial property in Pittsburgh. In addition, it involves completely replacing all the pipes in your plumbing system to improve performance.

Plumbers install both cold and hot water piping. The process involves some prep work, including cutting holes in the drywall to access the pipes in your old plumbing system.

Moreover, the experts turn off all the water sources before replacing the old plumbing system with the new one. After performing the replacement procedures, plumbers test the integrity and performance of the new system by performing certain tests.

Benefits of re-piping

Here are some common benefits of re-piping:

  • Your building gets more hot water as water distribution gets improved.
  • You experience better water pressure through all the pipes.
  • Re-piping helps improve the quality of water running through your commercial property.
  • You may face reduced water bills through a complete pipe makeover.

Drain clogs and toilet clogs in Pittsburgh commercial businesses

Commercial businesses often find themselves dealing with drain and toilet clogs. There could be many reasons for these problems. For instance, clogged toilets are often caused when people throw too much tissue paper in their toilets.

Some people also put non-flushable items down the toilets, and many experience accidental flushes.

It can be difficult to manage toilet and drain clogs on your own. A plunger may not prove useful in situations where there are many clogged drains and toilets. This is when professional plumbing services may be required.

You’ll need an experienced plumber to unclog drains and toilets using various products and then perform cleaning procedures to prevent them from happening again.

Besides, the top commercial plumbing services have excellent equipment and products to professionally tackle small and big clogs.

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Commercial water heater repair and replacement

A water heater is an essential machine for any Pittsburgh commercial building. It supplies hot water that restaurants and hospitals use for many important activities.

However, if the water heater breaks or fails to perform, its repair or replacement becomes a plumbing emergency. Commercial properties can’t afford to have only cold water running through their pipes. Therefore, getting help from a commercial plumber becomes more important than ever.

The good news is that this commercial plumbing repair isn’t too difficult. Many professional plumbing services have all the tools to tackle leaks or damage to water heaters.

When it comes to more complicated situations, replacement works as a great alternative. For example, considering the size of the water heater required, a plumber may suggest a new heater to ensure that the hot water continues to flow through the plumbing system.

Before performing a replacement, plumbers ensure to turn off all the water lines. They also disconnect both cold and hot water lines attached to the water heater and install a new machine. It is always wise to call plumbing contractors that excel in this service and save yourself from extensive damage.

Commercial Plumbing Services in Pittsburgh

Whether you require a commercial plumbing repair or replacement, having a skilled and reputable plumber on board is a top priority. They know their work and are equipped to handle all types of challenges.

Thankfully, you have Iron City Plumbing Specialists at your service. We connect you with a network of commercial plumbers who have vast experience working on both small and large commercial properties.

Our plumbing partners have all the skills and knowledge to tackle any degree of plumbing emergency in your building. They understand that even a small leak in your property can affect the lives of hundreds of people living or working in your commercial building. Therefore, they take all plumbing tasks seriously, so you can have peace of mind.

A well-built plumbing system is a must for any commercial property. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to maintain your commercial plumbing to avoid any disruptions to businesses, schools, and medical centers.

Our experienced network partners just a call away, so don’t hesitate to reach out.