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Understanding the Residential Plumbing System

A residential plumbing system is a complicated network of fixtures, hot and cold water supply pipes, drain pipes, valves, water storage tanks, and vent pipes.

The primary purpose of a plumbing system is to dispose of waste and provide fresh, clean drinking water. At large, the plumbing system compromises three basic components.

  • Drainage system (collects and discards waste).
  • Water supply system (flows water throughout the home).
  • Appliances and fixtures (where water is used for washing, cooking, and drinking purposes).

A robust plumbing system is crucial to making your life convenient. Here’s how it helps upgrade your lifestyle.

  • Consistently supplies fresh drinking water.
  • Quickly collects and discards wastewater away from your property.
  • Keeps unpleasant odors at bay.
  • Prevents wastewater and clean water from mixing.
  • Improves water pressure.

Residential Leak Repair & Leak Detection

Leaks can lead to stress-inducing water damage and soaring water bills. Residential plumbers can help prevent and repair leaks. Common types of home leaks include the following.

  • Shower hose. Constant use can corrode the shower hose, leading to leaks. A timely fix can help reduce the water bills and keep you from annoying pitter-patter sounds at night.
  • Bathroom and kitchen faucet leaks generally appear minor. However, leaking taps can damage your sink and bathtubs, causing stains. Even worse, they add to your water bills.
  • Hot water tank. A minor water heater leak can lead to a massive rupture. You must hire professionals quickly to avoid extensive repairs later.
  • Toilet flapper valve. Toilet flapper leak is yet another common leak found in homes, mentions the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Residential Toilet Repair

A leaky or broken toilet can be a major inconvenience. Common toilet problems include the following.

  • The toilet keeps running. A broken flapper chain, flush valve, or disconnected toilet handle can lead to a running toilet. It wastes water and is a source of continuous noise.
  • Cracked toilet seat. A professional may fix the cracked toilet seat using caulk. However, extensive damage requires a replacement.
  • The toilet won’t flush. Toilets typically don’t flush because of low tank water and clogs. An expert plumber may adjust the float arm and flush valve to improve the water pressure in the tank. A clog, on the flip side, can be fixed using a plunger.
  • Toilet leaks. This is one of the most common toilet problems and requires an immediate fix. It can flood your home and lead to severe water damage. Generally, leaks occur around the water supply line connection, the base of the toilet, or the nut behind the valve.

Residential Shower Repair

A shower provides a quick refuge from a hectic day. Therefore, a malfunctioning shower can be an annoyance. Here are the problems you may encounter with your shower.

  • Sudden bursts of hot water. When someone in your home flushes the toilet, the cold water used to balance the hot water in the shower rushes to fill the flush. Then, you’re left with scalding hot water. A highly efficient shower keeps you from this painful experience.
  • Low water pressure. Water that barely gets your body wet can be irritating. Generally, this occurs due to limescale buildup in the shower head. This problem can sometimes be fixed using a DIY solution. For instance, dipping the shower head in baking soda and vinegar solution may unclog it.
  • Leaky shower. A leaky shower can waste gallons of water in weeks and skyrocket your water bills.

Residential Water Heater Repair

We do not always realize the worth of something unless it’s gone. The same goes for hot water on cold winter days. A faulty water heater keeps you from accessing warm water. You may encounter one or more of these issues.

  • Water temperature problems. The water heater may fail to warm up the water or may warm it up only partially. In another case, a faulty heater makes the water excessively hot. Generally, this indicates a problem with the heating element. However, only a professional can inform you of the precise issue.
  • Leaks. A water heater may leak due to a leaky water tank, stuck valve, overheating, improper water pressure, or a malfunctioning pressure relief valve.
  • Weird sounds. Your water heater may produce weird noises due to sediment buildup.
  • Discolored water. Brownish water indicates corrosion in the tank’s lining. A plumber may replace the anode rod to fix the problem.

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Your home is where you find relief and comfort after a daunting day. Though comfortable furniture upgrades your space, your property must be functional to add to your convenience. A faulty plumbing system can significantly affect your lifestyle.

Not only does it keep you from accessing adequate water, but it can cause extensive water damage throughout your property. Faulty water heaters, leaky toilets, clogged drains, and blocked showers – surviving with these problems is a hassle.

At Iron City Plumbing Specialists, we offer effective plumbing solutions to keep your property from damage and improve your living. With years of experience serving customers across town, our experts are familiar with all plumbing problems.

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Residential Plumbing Experts in Pittsburgh

There are three major parts of a plumbing system: the water supply system, fixtures and appliances, and the drainage system. The water supply system is built to provide you with a direct or indirect supply of water, while the fixtures and appliances category include sinks, showers, bathtubs, dishwashers, and water heaters. The third category, the drainage system, helps drain the water through gravity and is often connected to a septic tank or a municipal sewer line.

For a plumbing system to work properly, you need to have all three parts perfectly attached to each other and maintained in good condition. And that is only possible through plumbing service help by professional plumbers in Pittsburgh.

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About your Pittsburgh plumbing system

Residential plumbing is related to your home services and includes your sewer lines, drainage system, water lines, plumbing fixtures, and water heaters.

While it has three parts, most experts divide this plumbing system into two subsystems. One subsystem brings fresh water into your house, while the other removes wastewater.

The water that enters your Pittsburgh house comes with a lot of pressure. This helps the supply reach all your toilets, kitchen, and garden area.

As it leaves, the water passes through a meter. The meter reads the amount of water that you may have used.

Right next to the meter, there is usually a shut-off valve. In case of an emergency, it is vital to close this valve. This act can prevent a pipe from bursting and save your house from flooding.

You may instantly get cold water from the main line. But if you require hot water, a water heater should be installed. This machine keeps your water’s temperature as per your requirement.

Residential leak repair and leak detection

Residential plumbing has many challenges, and one of these is leak detection and its repair. This is a crucial issue as a small leak can lead to severe damage if not looked after on time. While a residential plumber in Pittsburgh can find the leak and repair it on time, you should also be aware of signs that must help detect this problem so that you can call for help on time.

Signs of leak detection

Here are a few signs that may help detect a leak:

  • An unnecessary increase in your water bill may indicate water leakage in your pipes.
  • If there are green grass patches in only a certain area of your garden, a pipe might be leaking beneath it.
  • Water puddles under tubs, in cabinets, showers and toilets may indicate a presence of a leaked pipe.
  • If you find a discolored wall or hear a constant dripping sound, water leakage might be the number one cause.
  • Leaded pipes often spread a musty smell. If your home smells bad, look for pipes that might be causing it.

Leak repair

As soon as you suspect these signs, call the most reputable plumbing repair services and get the leaks fixed. Expert plumbers often perform the following steps to resolve this issue.

  • They start by switching off all the water supplies.
  • Then, clean up all the water and dry the pipes in your plumbing system.
  • This is often followed by applying plumbing putty on the pipes.
  • For bigger leaks, plumbers replace the old pipes with new ones.

Residential toilet repair services in Pittsburgh

If you’re looking for toilet repair, you want a top-notch plumbing expert to do the job. But before you call them, you should be aware of the issue on hand.

  • A running toilet is a major problem that most people face, wasting tons of water. There could be a broken flapper or some issue with the tank causing this problem.
  • A broken toilet seat or lid can be a major problem in the future. So, before it gets worse and more expensive, get them fixed now.
  • Your toilet’s rusted bolts need to be replaced before they fall apart. Again, calling an expert plumber for this job will be a wise choice.
  • If your toilet fails to flush properly, it might have clogged pipes. In this case, urgent cleansing is necessary.

You shouldn’t ignore these problems. Instead, call a plumber as soon as possible and keep all your toilet worries at bay.

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Residential plumbing shower repair in Pittsburgh

Showering is a daily necessity. Unfortunately, shower issues are very common and often result from clogged shower heads or leaks in the shower pipes.

Some of the shower problems can be handled at home. However, you may require an expert’s hand for more major issues.

Here are some common plumbing issues in your shower that should be dealt with immediately:

  • Clogs in shower drains are a common problem. You can remove small clogs on your own. However, for bigger ones, call a plumber for help.
  • Inadequate pressure through your shower is also a sign of a fault in your plumbing system. A leak in the pipes might restrict the flow of water, causing a reduction in pressure.
  • Sometimes, the faucet also starts leaking. To fix it, certain rings, seals, and gaskets are required.
  • Bad smells in your shower can be due to many reasons. For instance, accumulated water in the pipes often becomes home to bacteria, causing a foul smell. There could also be other reasons, so don’t delay and let the experts figure it out for you.

Residential water heater repair

Water heaters are one of the most important machines in your home’s plumbing system. So, the inconvenience caused can’t be put into words when it fails to provide you with hot water.

Thankfully, residential plumbers are equipped to deal with all major water problems and repairs. Below we have mentioned a few in detail.

  • Leak repair: If there is water near the water heater unit, call a plumber without thinking twice. This is often caused by leaks in your water heater that can eventually flood the entire home.
  • Temperature adjustments: Sometimes, the temperature of the water is different from your liking. In that case, there is a need for a thermostat adjustment. A plumber can help you do that and save you effort.
  • Anode rod replacement: This rod helps prevent the water from eroding the tank and its walls. It is part of the water heater and needs to be replaced after some time. A plumber can help sort this issue for you.
  • Thermal expansion tank: Unfortunately, some people experience water heater leaks regularly. If that’s the case with you, we suggest you call an expert and install a thermal expansion unit with a proper pressure release system.

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